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Midi Weighted Blanket
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  • Midi Weighted Blanket
  • Midi Weighted Blanket
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Midi Weighted Blankets

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Weighted blankets can help:

  • Promote a calming effect
  • Encourage relaxation and better sleep
  • Provide and safe and effective therapeutic solution
  • Prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Ease transitions

The Midi Blanket, created by Sensory Direct, is a smaller handmade weighted blanket. This smaller blanket is particularly ideal for younger children who are still sleeping in a smaller bed size. It is also suitable for adults who would benefit from the comfort of deep pressure therapy over their lap or shoulders. This weighted blanket is portable and easy to wash, ideal for use on the sofa or in the car.

Please note that our weight recommendations are only a guide, we strongly recommend that you consult your healthcare professional prior to purchase particularly before using the blanket on a very young child, immobile, low weight or has eating disorders such as anorexia.

It is essential that the child is able to self remove the weighted blanket if they become uncomfortable and used under constant supervision from responsible adult or carer.  

These blankets are the only weighted blankets with a CE marking and are made in accordance with MHRA Guidelines (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency) 

The weight in the blankets applies deep pressure to the touch receptors in the muscles, joints and ligaments imparting a soothing and calming effect.

Made from 4 layers of superior quality polycotton for safety, durability and comfort and security

Weight provided by purest quality plastic beads (CE and BS5852 rated)

Fully machine washable 

The Lap/Midi Weighted Blanket can also be used by older children as a lap or shoulder blanket.
Approximate Product Dimensions: (L) 110cm x (W) 90cm.