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Navy Grey Flip Kerchief
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  • Navy Flip Kerchief
  • Floral/Navy
  • Navy Floral Flip Kerchief
  • Grey Navy Flip Kerchief
  • Navy Grey Flip Kerchief
  • Dark Grey/Red Flip Kerchief
  • Red/Dark Grey Flip Kerchief
  • Floral/Purple Flip Kerchief
  • Purple/Floral Flip Kerchief
  • Black Stripe Flip Kerchief 2
  • Plum Black Flip Kerchief
  • Plum Black Flip Kerchief
  • Turquoise Brown Flip Kerchief
  • Turquoise Brown Flip Kerchief
  • Candy/Pale Pink
  • Candy/Pale Pink
  • Navy/Cerise Flip Kerchief
  • Navy/Cerise Flip Kerchief
  • Flip Neckerchief
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Flip Kerchiefs

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Symbol Meaning
Waterproof layer for extra protection
Allows quick drying for added comfort
Rated 1 to 5 in absorvency levels



  • Navy Floral
  • Navy
  • Red/Dark Grey
  • Candy/Pale Pink
  • Navy/Cerise
  • Plum/Black
  • Purple/Floral
  • Black Stripe
  • Turquoise/Brown
  • Navy Grey

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  • Stylish dribble bib 
  • 2-in-1 Kerchief
  • Designed to "flip" over to give a clean dry side
  • Soft jersey cotton fabric
  • Waterproof middle layer

NEW colours available now!

The Flip Kerchief is a stylish dribble bib specially designed for children and adults with special needs.

The soft square of jersey cotton folds in half to form a double 2-in-1 kerchief. You can simply flip it for a clean dry side!

The Flip Kerchief has a hidden waterproof middle layer throughout, so that when the garment is flipped, any moisture stays put in between the front and back layer and prevents the wearer getting a cold damp neck.

Flip Kerchiefs are absorbent and made from soft jersey cotton fabric making them comfortable to wear. The Flip Kerchief is worn around the neck and has an adjustable hook and loop fastening to ensure the perfect fit.

The Seenin Flip Kerchief is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) in a great selection of vibrant colours. 

The Flip Kerchief can be machine washed at 40°C and tumble dried on a low heat too.

Although Flip Kerchiefs can be tumble dried, air drying them will prolong their life.

Close neck fastenings before washing to prolong the Hook and Loop life.

100% Cotton Outer Fabric

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Flip Kerchief  Small Medium  Large 
Neck circumference 38-44cm 43-48cm 50-55cm
Length (neck to point) 25cm 28cm 31cm
Width when fastened  20cm 24cm 28cm