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Splash Shorts - Navy
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Splash Shorts Child

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  • Made of soft and supple 1mm neoprene are nylon coated
  • Discreet, comfortable and only a single layer thickness
  • Can be worn underneath a swimming costume or swimming shorts
  • Navy

Reassuringly effective, the Splash About Splash Shorts Child in Navy are for children who may suffer from incontinence while swimming.

Anyone who experiences incontinence can now enter the water in complete confidence. The Splash About Splash Shorts will stop solid and semi-solid leaks.

Made of soft and supple 1mm neoprene, the Splash Shorts are nylon coated and feature a deep nylon/elastane ribbed waist and legs, which must be a snug fit for the wearer to make sure solids are contained within the Splash Shorts.

Discreet, comfortable and only a single layer thickness, the Splash Shorts can be used below a swimming costume without contributing any obvious bulk to the outline. Splash Shorts are suitable for those who want to swim but until now felt prevented from participating for fear of a toilet accident in the water.

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Size Waist Thigh
Small (Approx 4-6yrs) 48 – 56 cm 34 cm
Medium (Approx 6-8 yrs) 54 - 62 cm 38 cm
Large (Approx 8-10 yrs) 58 - 66 cm 44 cm

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