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Herd Apron
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Herd Apron

£10.50 - £12.50
ex VAT

£12.60 - £15.00 inc VAT
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Symbol Meaning
Waterproof layer for extra protection
Rated 1 to 5 in absorvency levels



  • Navy


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  • Generous shoulder protection
  • Waterproof middle layer
  • Soft absorbent cotton towelling

Originally designed by Jenny Herd and made specifically for her son Adam, the Herd Apron is now available in three sizes. Seenin Herd Aprons are highly absorbent, cotton towelling garments ideal for comprehensive dribble protection. Herd Aprons are designed for children and adults with special needs to be used as an everyday garment.

All our disability aprons are made with a unique layer of bonded PVC in between two layers of towelling to provide comfort, absorbency and waterproof protection. This Navy coloured apron is designed to be practical and durable whilst discreetly blending in with clothing.

Suitable for mealtime mess as well as dribble protection, these Aprons are available in three sizes (based on the dimensions of our standard Aprons) and a choice of neck fastenings. Durable Aprons ideal for use at home, school, outings and respite care centres.

The design is intended to provide a dribble aid with comprehensive shoulder protection, more so than our standard aprons and kerchiefs. This is beneficial for those who are not able to keep their head up or have a tendency to drop the head to one side or the other.

Machine Wash at 60°C before use

Subsequent Care

Machine wash up to 40°C

This product can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Avoiding using fabric softeners and stain removal products on a regular basis to prolong the life of your feeding apron. Using these products regularly will weaken the waterproof properties in the backing.

Herd Apron Small (Children's) Medium Large
Neck diameter 34-39cm 40-45cm 50-55cm
Length 36cm 44cm 52cm
Width 33cm 36cm 39cm
Width at shoulders 46cm 50cm 51cm