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Meet the team

Meet Lucy 

The driving force behind Seenin, Lucy has proven that you can create stylish products that make a difference to those with special needs and their families.

In 3 words: Work driven butterfly

Favourite place in the world: Budle Bay, Northumberland walking my dog Amber...

Guilty pleasures: Chocolate and wine.....!

Meet Rob

In 3 words: Live ,Laugh,Love ...

Favourite place in the world: Too many but The Lake District, Cornwall, Northumberland but I am biased...

Guilty pleasures: Beer and food .....and two Springer Spaniels Willow and Bramble

Meet Eileen

In 3 words: Helping, patience, smile

Favourite place in the world: The 24 Hour Race at Le Mans in France, although I do have lots & lots of places I love to visit, this must be top because it’s so exciting.

Guilty pleasures: I have many but the main ones are travelling, going to the theatre and seeing music concerts. I should also admit to over indulgence with shoes & handbags!!