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Why use a Kerchief?

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Why use a Kerchief?

If you want to know why a kerchief is such a useful product then don't worry we have compiled a list of their best qualities to give you a clearer picture: 

  1. They provide stylish and discreet dribble protection
  2. The Kerchiefs’ soft, waterproof yet breathable backing protects clothes
  3. The middle layer of towelling in every garment provides additional absorbency for maximum protection
  4. The range of sizes and neck fastenings allow for a comfortable and adjustable fit
  5. A great selection of colours allow colours to be blended with clothing or contrasted to make a statement with vibrant patterns
  6. A choice of fabrics provide three levels of absorbency for varied needs

A Kerchief is a dribble aid garment, designed for children and adults with special needs or disabilities.

Posted by Katie, Friday, 2nd December 2016