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Wheelchair Leg Cover System

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Wheelchair Leg Cover System

Our wheelchair leg cover system is perfect for this autumn weather with its waterproof outer layer and a cosy fleece inner layer.

The Seenin Wheelchair Leg Covers are designed to be used as a system, with a breathable waterproof outer layer and a warm fleece inner layer. The two layers are also sold separately but we have introduced a better value leg cover system price for comprehensive protection that can be adapted for every season. (Price Includes one fleece leg cover & one outer leg cover)

The waterproof outer cover (Black or Navy) is a garment which pulls on over the footplate and fastens around the wheelchair. It has a back flap to accommodate footplates and provide protection for the back of the legs. The outer layer is available in three sizes and three colours;

- Black with charcoal piping (Small, Medium and Large sizes available)

- Navy with emerald green piping (Medium size only)

- Navy with turquoise piping (Small and Large sizes only)

The fabric is waterproof and the seams are taped for maximum protection in the wettest of weather. The back strap fastening ensures that there is no need to manoeuver out of the wheelchair to put on or take off, the garment simply pulls on and slides off. 

The fleece inner cover is made from soft fleece in a choice of sizes and colours; Teal or Fuchsia. The inner layer is designed to be worn as a system with the outer waterproof layer and both garments feature popper and loops fastenings to allow them to be clipped together. This system concept allows the garment to be tailored to the weather, where one layer or both layers can be worn depending on the conditions.

This garment is suitable for both children and adult wheelchair users. Please refer to the size chart when ordering to ensure a good fit.

Posted by Katie, Wednesday, 2nd November 2016