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Bamboo Towelling Range - What is it?

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Bamboo Towelling Range - What is it?

Our Bamboo towelling is made from the highest quality East Asian Bamboo and has a soft silky texture similar to Cashmere. Bamboo is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin.

Bamboo fabric surpasses cotton in moisture absorption due to its crisscross texture, which creates microscopic openings in the fibres, meaning truly exceptional moisture absorption. Bamboo is also one of the worlds fastest growing plants and can be cultivated without the use of pesticides, additionally it is biodegradable.

We use this wonderful fabric to create a  range of products such as kerchiefs, dribble bibs and changing mats. All of these products come in a range of virbant colours and all have waterproof and breathable properties due to their bamboo towelling material. 

The numerous beneficial properties in Bamboo make this fabric ideal as a dribble aid and our Bamboo Kerchief is both colourful and practical.

Posted by Katie, Tuesday, 8th November 2016