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Advice from a parent about flying with Monarch

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Advice from a parent about flying with Monarch

We recieved a lovely Seenin Star picture of Amy from her mother Iona who kindly provided us with some advice we would like to pass on to you about Monarch airlines....

"Monarch are one of the few airlines who are happy to transport disabled children without making a fuss and in fact are friendly, cheerful and very helpful indeed."

"We have flown Amy with them 4 times and they have gone out of their way to help us every time. Nothing is too much trouble and their medical assistance team are in contact asking the correct and relevant questions as soon as a booking is made. They provide a harness free of charge and extra leg room seats. Ryanair on the other hand refused to take my daughters wheelchair, refused to allow her extra leg room and in fact offered us money back on the flight we had booked straight away rather than taking us. After much negotiation, we took the refund and swapped to Monarch. It means a lot longer in the car as we have to travel further to get to a Monarch airport but it is worth it."

We hope you find this advice as useful as we think it is. 

Posted by Katie, Wednesday, 14th December 2016