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Accessible holidays in Northumberland

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Accessible holidays in Northumberland

Being based in Northumberland, we know how beautiful the region is.

If you're looking to visit the area, we've found three of the best resources to find accessible holidays: 

1) Calvert Trust Kielder - Registered charity providing outdoor activity breaks for disabled children and adults along with their family and friends. See the video above for more details.

2) Visit Northumberland - Provides a list of accommodation providers that have been accredited by the National Accessibility Scheme which officially recognises their ability to cater for visitors with specific accessibility requirements during the stay in Northumberland. (Also, remember to use the filters list on your accommodation results so you can view accommodation with accessiblity awards.)

3) Tourism For All - Tourism for All UK is a national charity dedicated to standards of world class tourism which are welcoming to all.

If you know of any additional resources, please do let us know and we'll include these here.

Posted by Paula, Monday, 3rd April 2017